Can Nexus 5 Pose Serious Threat to Samsung Galaxy SV?

With more number of top-notch smartphones releasing almost daily, it is becoming highly complicated to choose between them. If you are always enthusiastic about the best specifications in your next smartphone, you need to read the reviews of the customers before buying any smartphone. But what about the ones which are yet to be released? Google Nexus 5 and Galaxy SV are two smartphones which have managed to get enough popularity much before their release. The interesting thing is that they both are also two great rivals of one other.

Can Nexus 5 Pose Serious Threat to Samsung Galaxy SV?

Here we are comparing an affordable smartphone like Google Nexus 5 with something like Galaxy SV, a smartphone with huge features. Nexus 5 is dubbed to come within a few months, probably by the end of October. However, Galaxy S5 by Samsung is far away, since its release is going be seen in the month of March, 2014 according to latest reports.

Both the smartphones will run the latest Key Lime Pie Android 5.0 version. However, the difference will lie in may other features like Camera (Read, looks, display and processor. In 299 USD, you can’t expect Google to provide all the best specifications in the phone, however Samsung S5 will undoubtedly have the best specs industry has ever witnessed. It depends more on the choice of the users and their preferences to decide between the two.

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