Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date 2014 March

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is a real mystery for all the Samsung smartphone fans. It is always said, “After waiting we get a good fruit”. We all are hoping same. There are already lots of questions in the minds of people like:

Galaxy S5 release date

• Will Samsung Galaxy S5 hold a 3D or flexible display?
• Metal body for Galaxy SV?
• 41MP camera in next Samsung Galaxy 2014?
Galaxy S5 release date scheduled for December 2013?

These above written things are myths of Galaxy SV smartphone, for more information on the similar subject you can read this link “Galaxy S5 Myths“.

Samsung is not going to bet its next Galaxy S5 smartphone for 2013. Even if it would be launched in Dec 2013, then on the 1st Jan 2014, S5 would be called as last year smartphone. There are lots of things revolving in the minds of Samsung planners. So, it could be confirmed, release date of Galaxy SV is not scheduled for 2013.
Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is scheduled for 2014 March, it can be confirmed from here. As ARM is launching its 20nm next processor, which is clocked at 3GHz. For this processor, we will not only wait but also, Samsung is the line of waiting. So, be ready for the month of March. If you are student and you want to hold the S5 in your hand and don’t have enough money, I will suggest you start collecting, because Samsung S5 is going to be eye grabbing.


Wait and watch for Samsung Galaxy S5 release date which will be the record setter of 2014.

Galaxy S5 release date
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Ending on

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