Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 – What you will see the new?

Galaxy S4 has already created millions of fans and on the other hand, big brother Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have started building over web. If you are not planning to buy Galaxy S IV and planning, next year you will buy Galaxy S5, then what you will get more? Today, we have brought a rough comparison of Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 Design:

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4

In design, of course Galaxy S5 would be verdict. However, Galaxy S4 is still sleek and lighter. But this time Samsung will bring metal Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 processor:

Already, smartphone Galaxy S4 is featuring 8-core processor, however only quad-core remains active out of two quad-cores resulting in complete 8-core architecture. S4 has smooth performance with 2GB of system memory. Now, hold your heads. Samsung Galaxy SV is featuring 4GB RAM, 16-core live processor and many more. Soon, we will publish an article on live processor, so stay tuned.

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 display:

Galaxy S4 carries 5inches 1080p full HD display, and do you have an idea, Galaxy S5 would feature 3K UDH display of 5.19inches, I don’t think so, if you are still in favour of S4. The war would be won by Galaxy SV in Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4.

This was all about rough comparison between, Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4, stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Chad says:

    I expect nothing but the best in this product line it continues to impress me.

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