Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Comparison of Innovation

The launch of iPhone 4S was not anything but a crack in Apple’s innovation engine, bringing the load with its famous Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung S4 was forcibly invented an intermediate point to jump to iPhone 5, and neither one nor the other reached to not resign the leadership in the hands of the powerful Korean brand.


Google has changed the market forever marketing and advertising, but the advent of 4G networks and the popularity of IPTV, will modify the architecture of the network and put in the hands of the operators the ability to manage advertising and therefore questions the ability of Google to adapt to this new environment.


Economic cycles without doubt are direct sequel to the emergence of constant bubbling innovations and these cycles are governed precisely by the pace of innovation in each economy and each market obviously.


The innovative imitators cause that consolidate the trend and marginalize those who are forced to change or disappear. Perhaps this is the secret by which the world of technology is so exciting to us. And now Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 will appear in the race of innovation. Recently, launched Samsung Galaxy S4 is however verdict over all of the existing smartphones in the market.


Galaxy S4 is selling like hot cakes and people only want fresh cakes. However, iPhone 5 is not any more hot, with the release of Galaxy S4 sales of iPhone 5 is really got affected. And now Samsung is planning for next year flagship i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5.


It has been rumoured that, Samsung may launch Samsung Galaxy SV in the December 2013. Because Apple has similar plan for iPhone 6 but a month earlier than that of Samsung. The fire of competition is however benefiting people. All vendors are trying to bring something different. New innovations can easily be sense in Galaxy S4.
Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6
If we talk about Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 specifically, then we can see 16-core processor, 4GB RAM, 20MP camera and ultra HD display in Galaxy S5 and however, we only sense quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, full HD display and bigger battery in iPhone 6. Well, now Apple has to change the strategy else Galaxy S5 beast will eat the iPhone 6 with tomato sauce, just kidding. But in the era of smartphones, things are going funny. In single month you can see a lot of gadgets with roaring configuration. But no doubt there is only one ruler and at present votes and survey shows its Samsung Galaxy S4.
This was all about Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 innovations war, stay tuned with us for more debate on the similar topic and other updates.

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2 Responses to “Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Comparison of Innovation”

  1. Myhox says:

    Thank you for sharing really nice reviews. i think iPhone 6 will be the best phone compare with Galaxy S5.

    • Sunny says:

      What you will say, if we compare Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5? Well, still there are people who will be in the side of Apple. The interest is always personal and inspired by views of others. I personally, prefer S4 over iPhone 5. I am damn sure, if Apple will not bring something “UNIQUE”, else iPhone 6 will not able to stand in front of competition. “No offense – Apple Fans”.

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