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Samsung has proved to be the best smartphone manufacture of 2013 by launching Galaxy S4 smartphone and now Samsung has already started working on the 2014 plan i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5. Moreover, people have started searching desperately about Samsung Galaxy S5 price, release date, specs, pre order, images and benchmark records. We have collected all those things that you should know about Galaxy SV below.

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, features and hardware:

Recently, 128GB mobile memory modules were appeared on webs that are manufactured by Samsung. So, can you guess where they would be integrated? It is indirectly confirmed, S5 is powered with 128GB memory chips. Moreover, the system memory of Galaxy SV would be 4GB (RAM) and 16-core live processor (no big-little). The hardware set for Galaxy S5 doesn’t end here, there are lots of new sensors including special responsive retina sensor that will be the star sensor of S5.


Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

In just few months, smartphone camera is being compared with digital cameras quality and yes few of the smartphones including Galaxy S IV, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One has proved the same. Recently launched HTC One camera is ultra pixel camera which is different from other smartphone cameras, however it doesn’t cross the quality of S4 but still the technology is pretty good and can be seen in future smartphone. And here Galaxy S5 has the maximum probability to get UP camera.

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Version – Key Lime Pie

It was expected that Samsung will launch Galaxy S4 with all new Google Android OS v5.0 Key Lime Pie but at that time, Android 5.0 was still in developing stage and now passing through error and testing stage, so no doubt our beast Samsung Galaxy S5 would be powered with Android Key Lime Pie.


Samsung Galaxy S5 price

In most of the countries, Samsung Galaxy S4 price is around 730USD and available for 100USD under contract price. We want to tell you this is barrier set by Samsung for a high end smartphone, next year Galaxy S4 price would be around 520USD and Galaxy S5 price would be 750$ max.


Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is expected either at the end of 2013 or at the beginning of 2014. No doubt, Samsung will show it in Mobile World Congress 2014 February because on other hand iPhone 6 would be crushing Galaxy S4.

This was all about the Samsung Galaxy S5 price, release date, specs, pre order and images, stay tuned for more.

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