Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 3: Which one you should buy

Samsung Galaxy S5 has become one of the most anticipating devices of Samsung. Already millions of people and thousands of blogs are following the Galaxy S5 news and latest updates. Just two days back, Samsung revealed one of the most awaiting devices of 2013, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Today we are here with the comparison between Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 and accordingly you can choose your device.

Galaxy S5 vs Note 3

Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 release date:

You must know, Note 3 is launched and it would be releasing this month “September” and Samsung would be launching Galaxy S5 in the month of Feb 2014. So, if you hate waiting and you can easily afford a phone like Note 3 in September and Galaxy S5 in Feb 2014, then you should not wait for S5, just pre order Note 3 today. But if you can afford only one phone in upcoming 12 months or something, then we will suggest you, wait for Galaxy SV because of specifications, new technologies and next level smartphone. No doubt the phone Samsung will launch after Galaxy S5 would be better than S5 and that’s how technology moves. In my thinking, Galaxy S5 would be the next generation smartphone, however innovations are present in Note 3, but it is not that phone or phablet which you see once and say, it is incredible. The war between, Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 is just like two brothers are fighting.

Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 specifications & Features

Galaxy S5 release date is scheduled after 5 months and yes in these 5 months Samsung will make something better and bigger from inside. If we talk about Galaxy Note 3 specs, it contains snapdragon Qualcomm 800 chipset with 2.3GHz quad-core processor and 3GB RAM and there is another octa-core Note 3 version with Exynos 5420 chipset that carries quad-core 1.9GHz A15 and quad-core A7 1.3 GHz processor. If we talk about the Galaxy S5 Specs, it would carry Samsung Exynos 8000 Series chipset with 16-core processor, 4GB RAM and 4K resolution display, no doubt this configuration is verdict over Note III specifications but on other hand, we will have to wait for atleast 5 months. In configuration of Specs and features, S5 is ahead in the race of Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3.

This was all about the Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 war and this war would exactly start from right after the release of Note 3, just stay tuned with us, we will update you more on the same subject soon.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Jajajaja, is a neverending history: note 2 better than s3, s4 better than note 2, note 3 better than s4, s5 better than note 3, note 4 better than s5, and so on…

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